Top performance technology for our A2P SMS

The A2P SMS messaging system


Our versatile and proven A2P SMS messaging system acts as a catalyst for all mobile network operators to help them generate brand-new and hottest revenue sources without causing them to make any additional investment. Facilitating messaging services for our worldwide portfolio of undertaking clients guarantee mobile operators to get additional revenue.

We have marked a record in the industry for our years of thorough expertise and experience in telecoms domains and so we are confident to deliver masterly performance. we are sure we can help with any A2P SMS needs.

100% on-net A2P SMS traffic delivery

Automating communication and enhancing the competencies of business systems guarantee all prodigious notifications are delivered instantly, safely and straightforwardly to the target recipient.

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How A2P SMS Works:

» Operator accesses an A2P SMS Messaging outsourcing that is compatible with BroadNet.

» BroadNet allocates discrete GTs for varied global clients and uses cases.

» BroadNet generates SMS traffic from dependable OTT services and enterprisers.

» BroadNet drives the traffic via its exclusive and surefire A2P SMS Messaging system.

» Operator procures and puts the dependable traffic to an end from BroadNet A2P SMS system.

» Operator picks up charge in agreement depending on the numbers of delivered A2P SMS messages.

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